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We are a family run small and exclusive kennel "REDGUNS" breeding Belgian Shepherd Malinois and training. We strive to breed physically and mentally strong dogs who will surpass all others in whatever challenges they encounter.


We spare no expense in producing Belgian Malinois of the highest quality, using the very best bloodlines. The number of litters we produce varies from year to year. We plan our litters well in advance, taking into account numerous factors.


Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with balanced drive, structure and temperament. Our dogs are from working bloodlines. We do NOT have, or use, any ‘show’ lines in the pedigrees of the dogs in our program. 


All our dogs have 100%  Medical and 100% X-Rayed. 


The Belgian Malinois is the ideal working dog. He is known for his strong work ethic, his athletic physique, his intelligence and his enormous stamina. This shepherd is eminently suitable as a family protection dog, guard dog, search dog, sport dog and police dog, but also fits well within a family. 

Belgian Shepherd Malinois is best breed for Home Pet abd Dog Sport, also for Army, Police, Security and Prison service.  

Our dogs are loyal loving members of our family and would give their life for us or you ! All our dogs love kids and are raised around children of all ages. We have kids as well and feel that you should be very comfortable with the dog you purchase from us. They are all very stable and level headed and know right from wrong situations. They are trained using command words which we will teach you.


Our dogs and puppies are extremely healthy and well socialised with people, animals, and locations, such as woods, water, buildings, and noises.


Here at K9 Services Ireland we aim to produce and supply exceptional quality working dogs with no compromise on health and temperament. The majority of the our puppies we breed and dogs we supply will be placed within sport and service homes but would easily fit in with an active family household.


A well trained Personal Protection Dog will protect your house or business with unbelievable determination.




5F / 5M 

Vyatkins`Guns BRN 38489 (IPO 3) Camila BRN 38489


Our protection dogs for sale are expertly trained, this dogs, ready to love and protect your family.

We offer Trained Dogs (Family Protection Dogs / VIP Family Protection Dogs, Security / Police K9 Dogs), Green Dogs and Puppies for sale.

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