K9 Service / Dog Training

Puppy Training, Basic Dog Obedience, Dog Sport Training

Obedience Training

- BH, Obedience, IPO

- Socialization
- Dog Obedience Training Exercises (e.g. Sit, Down, Stay, Look, Recall)
- Games, Toys and Interactive Play
- Destructive 



VIP Family Protection Dogs / Personal Protection Dogs

Security dog

- Family Protection Dogs

- VIP Family Protection Dogs

- Personal Protection Dogs


Off - leash obedience and off - leash protection.


* Obedience

* Bite Work (Protection Sleeve, Hidden Sleeve, Bite suit work)

* Muzzle work

* Search (Building search)

The ultimate way of keeping your family safe and, protecting your property or ensuring your own personal safety. In this age of high crime and mindless violence a well trained Personnel Protection Dog is both cost effective and the supreme deterrent. We can provide you with a Personal or Family Dog tailored to your own requirements.

Security and Patrol Dogs / Police Dogs / Prison Dogs / Service Dogs

This is the most cost effective visible deterrent available to the Private Sector. The basic function of a Security Patrol Dog is to Deter Detect and Protect. 

Dog Tricks

Workshops and Seminars


More info about Workshops and Seminars.


If you would like a dog tailor trained for a specific role, we can offer this service whether it be Personal Protection, House Guarding or just an Obedient Pet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail or telephone: +353 860828083.

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